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This is a transcribed copy of When Abby Met Bozzly. Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.

(Abby Hatcher and her parents Miranda and Lex are carrying boxes and walking into an elaborate, quaint hotel. Abby gets stuck in the revolving door.)
Abby: Oof!
Miranda: Watch it! The door sticks a little!
(Abby struggles until she pushes the door forward and enters.)
Abby: (giggles) Thanks, Mom.
The hotel lobby has several boxes laid out and furniture covered up.)
Lex: Welcome to the Hatcher Palace Hotel, Abby! (pulls back a tarp revealing a couch as dust flies) Ta-da! (coughs)
Abby: This is going to be our home? It's kind of... (coughs) Dusty.
Miranda: Mom says once we clean it up, unpack our things, and you give it your special Abby touch...
Miranda and Lex: We know you'll love living here!
(A lamp falls on the ground.)
Abby: (coughs) I hope so.
(Up in the wall vent, a mysterious creature, Bozzly, watches them.)
Bozzly: Ooooooooh!
Miranda: Big changes can be scary, Abby. But, they can also be really great! (chuckles)
Lex: Hey, remember this? (shows a little yellow blanket)
Abby: My old blankie!
(She runs over to him, puts down her box, takes the blanket from him and sighs comfortably.)
Lex: Sometimes, all you need to feel better is something soft and snuggly.
Abby: Soft and snuggly like a Fuzzly. (gasps) Do you think there are any Fuzzlies here? This could be my chance to finally meet one!
Lex: Well, the last owners did say socks were always going missing... (Bozzly disappears.) ...and crumbs would disappear off the floor. Maybe that was Fuzzlies.
(Bozzly appears out the wall vent behind Abby.)
Abby: That would be splizzacular!
Bozzly: Yipe! (runs)
Abby: (turning around) Huh?
(Bozzly jumps in a box; when Miranda enters, he runs and jumps in another full of supplies.)
Miranda: Your dad and I need to get the hotel ready for guests. Why don't you explore? Maybe you'll find a Fuzzly friend.
Bozzly: (peeks out of the box, vases on his ears) Ooooooooh...friend?
Lex: And...
Bozzly: Agh! (hides)
Lex: (shuffles through a box) ...If you're going to explore, you're gonna need this! (He takes out a watch with a cover showing the Fuzzly emblem.)
Abby: A watch? (takes it)
Lex: A special watch! It controls all sorts of things. Check this out.
(He presses the heart button on the watch; it beeps and the fireplace flips up to reveal a tunnel behind.)
Abby: A secret passage!
Lex: Cool, huh?
Abby: Yes!
Abby: Dad says great place to stash your Fuzzly catching gear.
Bozzly: (still hiding) Ooh...
Abby: Splizzacular! I wonder what else this watch can do.
(She presses the watch cover which opens up revealing a screen with small pictures that repeatedly cycle around.)
Abby: (gasps) The watch opens!
(The screen zooms in on a picture of a silhouette of the hotel which shows all the rooms it has.)
Abby: And there's a map of the hotel inside!
Miranda: Maybe you can use it to find your room. Here's a hint: It's on the top floor!
Abby: (gasps) I can't wait to see it! Thank you!
(She runs into the tunnel; Bozzly peeks out and watches her.)
Bozzly: Friend? (giggles)
(He jumps out of the box, losing the vases on his ears and runs into the tunnel before it closes.)
Lex: One box down, a thousand to go.
(A pile of boxes falls; they sigh.)

(In the tunnel, Abby hobbles forward, squinting.)
Abby: It's a little dark in here. Maybe...
(She presses the button on the watch and gasps; the tunnel lights up.)
Abby: Wow! This definitely seems Like a place to find Fuzzlies!
(She walks through; a door in the wall opens up, and Bozzly peeks through.)
Bozzly: Huh? (slips) Whoa!
(He disappears and the door closes just before Abby turns around.)
Abby: What? Hmm...
(Just as she walks away, the door reopens and Bozzly comes out.)
Bozzly: Phew!
(He jumps to the floor, turning himself invisible; the begins following Abby; he suddenly finds himself on the ceiling in one of the tunnels as part of a crossroad section.)
Bozzly: Wow. (giggles)
(He zips away; Abby turns around.)
Abby: Huh?
(She looks past the various tunnels, Bozzly in one of them.)
Abby: Huh? What?
(She looks back at the tunnel Bozzly is in; he has disappeared.)
Abby: Hmm... (calling out) If there's a Fuzzly following me, I think it's fuzztastic!
(Bozzly, visible again and out of sight, giggles; he zips off before Abby looks over.)
Abby: Aha! (sees nothing) Oh...
(She stops; the tunnel ends before her.)
Abby: Dead end. Or is it...? (presses watch)

(Cuts to a closet in a hotel hallway; the shelves slide away to reveal Abby.)
Abby: Whoa! Splizzacular!
(Bozzly's giggling is heard; she looks back.)
Abby: Was that a Fuzzly? Guess not.
(The shelves slide back behind her; she looks up a spiral staircase leading to another room. She checks her watch which shows the Fuzzly emblem sliding up the staircase.)
Abby: My room is right up these stairs. (calls out) If there's a Fuzzly around, you can help me check it out! (no answer; singy-songy) Here I go, up the stairs!
(Again, no answer; she goes upstairs. Once she's gone, Bozzly peeks out from under a stack of towels and giggles.)
Bozzly: So fun! (giggles and falls off) Oh!

(Abby reaches the top of the stairs and finds a little girl's bedroom with piles of boxes.)
Abby: This is my room?! Cool!
(She gasps and sees some cookies with the Fuzzly emblem on a table.)
Abby: Fuzzly cookies, my favorite! You're the best, Mom!
(She eats one; Bozzly peeks out of the box behind her.)
Bozzly: (gasps) Cookies?
(He turns invisible; he makes the box shake, getting Abby's attention.)
Abby: (gasps) I heard that! There is a Fuzzly here! (pushes the box aside) I know you're hiding in here somewhere. (looks under the table) Do you live in the hotel? I just moved in. Do you like cookies? (One of the cookies floats behind her; invisible Bozzly eats it.) It would be really nice to have a friend.
(He finishes eating; Abby turns and sees another cookie get picked up and eaten.)
Abby: You do like cookies! So do I!
(She tries to pick up another cookie, but Bozzly tries to take it from her. They fight over it until Bozzly turns visible before her; they finally see each other for the first time.)
Abby: Hi!
(He runs and jumps into the box he hid in, which falls.)
Abby: Hey, wait! Are you a Fuzzly?
Bozzly: Maybe?
Abby: (holds out a cookie) 'Cause I've always wanted to meet a Fuzzly. Would you like another cookie?
(He takes the cookie and eats it; Abby giggles.)
Abby: So cute! My name is Abby Hatcher. Do you have a name?
Bozzly: Me Bozzly.
Abby: Nice to meet you, Bozzly. Can I tell you a secret?
Bozzly: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm!
Abby: I've wanted a Fuzzly best friend my whole life, but I've never actually talked to one before. I'm kinda nervous.
Bozzly: (walks out, carrying a bug doll) Me nervous, too.
Abby: You know what always makes me feel better when I'm afraid of something new? It's my blanket. (shows her blanket) I've had it since I was a baby, and when I was scared, it made me feel brave. Sometimes I'd even wear it as a cape, like a superhero.
(She gasps and snaps her fingers, then jumps.)
Abby: Brain spark! It might make you feel better too! Would you like to have it?
Bozzly: (gasps) Me?!
Abby: Yup.
Bozzly: Yee-haw!
(He pounces on her.)
Abby: Caught 'cha!
Bozzly: Caught me!
Abby: Will you be my friend?
Abby: Best friend!
Abby: I can't wait for you to meet Mom and Dad.
Bozzly: Mom and Dad?
Abby: It's okay, they're really nice, and they'll love you too.
Bozzly: Oh, okay!
Abby: To the lobby!
Bozzly: To the lobby!

(In the lobby, Miranda and Lex exit up the elevator just as Abby and Bozzly jump out another tunnel through the dumbwaiter.)
Abby: Mom, Dad! You'll never guess what I found! (pauses) Hmm...they were here.
Bozzly: (burbles then sneezes) Ooh, too dusty! (sneezes repeatedly)
Abby: It is pretty dusty. (Bozzly sneezes again.) If we clean you up, we can stop those sneezes.
Bozzly: Okey-dokey, Abby! (Sneezes) Blankie, you wait here. (puts the blanket on a box and sneezes)
(Abby walks over to a bag with the Fuzzly emblem on the front.)
Abby: Check it out, Bozzly.
(She opens the bag to reveal several care supplies.)
Abby: Everything you need for Fuzzly care.
Bozzly: Ooh!
Abby: (shows a brush) I've got brushes...
Bozzly: Ooh!
Abby: (a comb) Combs...
Bozzly: Aah!
Abby: (a mirror) A mirror...
Bozzly: Oh! (sneezes)
Abby: (a head scratcher) Hmm. I have no idea what this does.
(She puts it over Bozzly's head and scratches it.)
Bozzly: Ooooooh...
Abby: Aha!
(Both giggle; as a mover helps with some boxes, Abby brushesg Bozzly's ears, files his nails, both read magazines with curlers in their hair, and she blow dries his tail.)
Abby: Now let's take a look at that hair. (combs a little) Aha!
(As she combs away, the mover takes the box with the blanket still hanging off it. Abby shows Bozzly what he looks like in a mirror.)
Abby: Ta-da!
(Bozzly's hair tuft has been curled.)
Bozzly: Hey, fancy! (his curl comes undone) Oh!
(Both giggle.)
Abby: Let's show Mom and Dad!
Bozzly: Wait, blankie!
(He realizes the box with the blanket on it is missing.)
Bozzly: Agh! Blankie!
Abby: Oh, no! It's gone!
(They gasp.)
Bozzly: Abby, look!
(Out the window, the mover passes by, carrying the box with the blanket hanging off.)
Abby: The mover! He must have taken it with the empty boxes!
Bozzly: What do we do?!
Abby: If we hurry, we can catch him!
They enter the revolving door but spin in it.)
Abby and Bozzly: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
(Abby gets flung out.)
Abby: I need to practice with that revolving door.

(Outside, the mover puts the box with the blanket into the truck; Bozzly is shot out.)
Bozzly: (gasps and sees the blanket) Blankie! (jumps in the truck and grabs it) I got it! (the trunk closes.) Huh? Abby...?
(The truck leaves just as Abby comes out.)
Abby: Bozzly? Where'd you go?
(Her watch sounds an alarm; the heart button on the cover begins to flash red.)
Abby: A Fuzzly alarm.
(She presses it and opens the watch to reveal the pictures that shuffle around.)
Abby: Does that mean a Fuzzly's in trouble?
(The truck is driving away with Bozzly still on it.)
Abby: It does! And it's Bozzly!

Abby: Don't worry! I'll save you! But how?
(She snaps and jumps.)
Abby: Brain spark! The watch!
(She presses the button; a manhole cover pops up to reveal a tunnel.)
Abby: Splizzacular! Fuzzly trouble, can't delay! (jumps in)

(She begins to suit up; she puts on fingerless gloves with heart-shaped suctions.)
Abby: Goo Gripper Gloves!
(She puts on a helmet with the Fuzzly emblem on the front.)
Abby: Head Hugging Helmet!
(The suctions on her gloves stick to the helmet.)
Abby: Wow, the Goo Gripper Gloves really do grip!
(She pulls the gloves apart and zips up a jacket which inflates.)
Abby: Bomber Blimp Jacket!
(She floats up; springs pop out of her shoes.)
Abby: And Pogo Spring Shoes!
(She bounces and lands on a trike; she pretends to rev up its "engine".)
Abby: Vroom...vroorooroorooroom, vroom!
(She starts pedaling through the tunnel.)
Abby: I'm coming for you, Bozzly! (She hops out of the tunnel and lands on the sidewalk; she checks the watch, it shows a map with the Fuzzly emblem moving away from the hotel.)
Abby: Bozzly's just a few blocks away. I can still catch him!

(The truck is driving down the street; Abby follows behind.)
Abby: WHOO-HOO!!!
(Bozzly struggles to open the trunk; he looks out the window.)
Bozzly: ABBY!!!
Abby: Hang on, bozzly! I need to go faster. I need... Fuzzly speed!
(She pedals faster and reaches the truck; Bozzly opens the trunk.)
Abby: Bozzly, jump!
Bozzly: Uh...
(Up ahead, a traffic light turns red and the truck stops. An elderly man crosses the street before it.)
Abby: Come on, Bozzly! You can do it!
Bozzly: Bozzly says Bozzly scared!
(The old man is still crossing the street.)
Abby: Abby says don't worry! I'll catch you!
(The old man begins to hobble faster; Bozzly whimpers.)
Abby: Be brave, Bozzly!
Bozzly: (looks at the blanket) Ooh! (puts it on like a cape) Bozzly hero!
(The light turns green.)
Abby: Jump!
(The man finishes crossing; Bozzly jumps off the truck and flies into Abby's arms in slow motion; the truck leaves.)
Abby: Caught ya!
Bozzly: Abby!
(They giggle and hug.)
Bozzly: Ooh, nice outfit.
Abby: (giggles) Nice cape. Hey, you could be my sidekick!
Bozzly: Bozzly, Fuzzly Catcher!
(He jumps into Abby's arms and she giggles and hugs him.)
Abby: And my friend.
Bozzly: Best friend!
Abby: Best friend.

(The two share one more hug. Cuts to Abby's room; Bozzly has his eyes covered.)
Abby: A little closer...a little closer... (chuckles) Okay, now!
(Bozzly removes his hands and gasps; Abby's bed has been made with a smaller bed on the windowsill. She jumps on it and giggles.)
Abby: Your very own bed, right next to mine!
Bozzly: Whooooaaaaaa!
Abby: Do you love it, do you love it, do you love it?
Bozzly: I super love it! (hops onto his bed and bounces on it) Bounce, bounce, bounce! (jumps into Abby's arms)
Abby: (giggles) You'll stay here with me and be my best friend! (gasps) You can even help me find Fuzzlies! Do you think there's more around, Bozzly?
Bozzly: Maybe! Abby and Bozzly find together! (Abby giggles) Yee-haw!
(As the camera pans back, all the other Fuzzlies hiding around the room peek out.)