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The zoomer-view glasses aka zoomer-view specs are a gadget that Abby uses. They're installed into her glasses and can be used to see things no one else can. The gadget is activated by pressing a button on the left lens.

Aside from a zoom function, things are viewed in a pink hue except for items which are highlighted in neon green.

Despite the name, they don't just zoom in on things. In The Fuzzlies Camping Trip they clearly have some kind of infra-red ability as they can detect the warmth left behind in Grumbles' footprints.

Other specs

  • Night specs (green) allow Abby to see in the dark.
  • X-ray specs (blue) allow Abby to see through things.
  • Heat-vision specs (blue) allows her to see heat (likely using infra-red)

Used in

  • Grumbles Goes Down the Drain - Used to locate Grumbles in the drainpipe.
  • Super Strength Curly - Used to find Curly stuck in the hole.
  • Little Doh's Lost Binky
    • Used thrice to see where the binky went.
    • Used heat vision specs twice to find the binky bounce marks.

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